We offer year-round programming for students of all ages. Our coaches are league-certified and have received detailed training in their areas of concentration. Our non-traditional sports program managers are certified experts in their respective fields and have received numerous accommodations and recognition for their commitment to excellence. 

Current Programs

All our athletes must maintain a GPA that meets the national standard for all student-athletes. Each athlete participate in small group team-building exercises designed to promote unity and celebrate diversity.


The Detroit City Lions Football Program develops male and female student-athletes by introducing and reinforcing football fundamentals in preparation for high school football and beyond. Certified football coaches and team management staffs are committed to the total well-being of all student-athletes.


Detroit City Lions Cheer Program focuses on intermediate to advanced cheer techniques such as tumbling and stunts as well as participation in competitive cheer. DCL cheerleaders serve as crowd ambassadors and inspire enthusiasm, and team spirit, and are encouraged to become peer mentors within their communities.



The Youth Volleyball Development Program is designed to help girls ages 8-11 develop the fundamental skills necessary to advance their play and have fun while learning volleyball.  Our Youth Volleyball coaches emphasize the proper mechanics and fundamentals through advanced techniques including serving, setting, spiking, passing, and ball control so youth volleyball players excel in their all-around game and advance in the sport.


Detroit City Lions Basketball is a competitive youth program for boys and girls ages 5 to 14. This year-round program will place continued emphasis on developing the five fundamental skills of basketball – dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and defense.


The Detroit City Lions have teamed up with Book Nook and Michigan State University to offer our K-8 families FREE Virtual Literacy Tutoring this Summer! Taught by Michigan State University College of Education Immersion Fellows students will meet with their tutor in small groups on BookNook, an interactive app where students work to improve their reading skills with collaborative activities and fun games. 


The Detroit City Lions Soccer Program offers a competitive soccer environment for children in the Metro Detroit area. This comprehensive year-round program consists of camps, technical ball skills, tactic drills, and a focus on proper nutrition. 


In this 8-week course, students ages 6 to 9 will gain an introduction to engineering by learning to construct simple robots. Students ages 10 to 14 will work through lessons to learn to build small electronic components that can be programmed to perform various tasks using a computer. 

Financial Literacy

In partnership with Citizens Bank, DCL athletes (ages 7 to 15) and their families complete 12 hours of financial education training. As part of Citizens Bank’s “Money Matters, Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money”, their financial empowerment program is dedicated to providing our communities with the resources and tools to make informed financial decisions.


Detroit City Lions is pleased to offer the opportunity to introduce Chess to children ages 8 – 14. It is well documented that chess is a powerful tool for developing high order thinking skills, creativity, and memory. Your child will dive into the world of critical thinking where the ability to ahead becomes your child’s most valuable asset. 


Sing! Dance! Act! This 10 week program which engages K-12 students mind, body and spirit begins with improv, strengthening an actors foundation with the basics while developing comedic timing and most importantly getting to know your fellow actors. 

Culinary Arts

Detroit City Lions is proud to offer a culinary experience like no other! This 10-week program for students ages 10 to 15 will introduce a strong foundation in the art of healthy flavor-infused cooking using locally sourced products. Students will understand the importance of healthy food options, learn sanitation practices, and demonstrate kitchen safety. 


Detroit City Lions is proud to offer our students an esports program designed to engage in competitive play that will provide professional and/or personal development to each player.


Detroit City Lions offers our students a swim program that teaches that fundamentals of swimming performance and safety, preparing students for competitive swim opportunities from high school and beyond.


Detroit City Lions is proud to offer dance for students that will  give an outlet for creative expression and aerobic activity.


America’s favorite pastime is coming to DCL. The Detroit City Lions Football Program develops male and female student-athletes by introducing and reinforcing baseball  fundamentals in preparation for high school football and beyond.  

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