"Fellowship, trust, encouragement, ambition, gumption and brotherhood...these things are needed in our youth. The sport of football is the gateway!" ~ Detroit City Lions

VARSITY ~ AGES 12 - 15 Coach Rasheed Brown

JR VARSITY ~ AGES 11 - 13 Coach CeJai Brown Jr.

Our passion for football has led us to use it as an instrument for mentoring young men and women. We believe that many life lessons can be learned through playing football. Gumption, ambition and drive, just to name a few, are things you need to be successful in society. We learn and teach these values through football. Our testament to our players is to show them that football is the ultimate team sport. YOu need each other in order to be victorious. We preach brotherhood and the value of helping each other be the best person they can be. Encouraging your teammates and fellow brethren is a special thing - life changing, but trust also plays a major part in this wonderful game. Each person must depend on another to do their job and/ or assignment. We achieve this through trust and practice; and practice beccomes a fellowship after doing it for so long.

PEE WEE ~ AGES 8 - 10 Coach Aundre Arnold, Jr

TINY MITES ~ AGES 5 - 7 Coach Austin Hunter

As coaches, we love the game of football and want to give back by teaching young athletes. We are inspired to teach each child the game of football, and how it can reflect on real life. We believe that in order to achieve in life, you have to earn respect and learn to fight to get what you want and where you want to be in life. In football, nothing is given to you, if you want to play, you must earn it! If you want a position on the field, you must fight for it. This what we instill in our young players. Some of our athletes don't know this, this is where it becomes necessary as coaches to mentor our kids both on and off the field. As a team of coaches, we build fundamentals with our young athletes which will follow them for the rest of their sports careers, and throughout life. We are committed to our athletes, and stress to them that whatever you do in life you must set goals, reach and fight for what you want.